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18 Best Ruger 10/22 Upgrades & Accessories

The Ruger 10/22 is the world’s most popular .22 caliber semi-automatic rifle, and it’s easy to understand why. It’s a rugged, reliable gun that’s equally useful for sport shooting and small game hunting. It also works well with just about any .22 LR ammo, while many competing rifles are finicky about ammo brands.

The 10/22 is also easy to modify. Whether you want to swap out the barrel or replace the trigger, the task is usually straightforward. Here, we’ll look at some of the best Ruger 10/22 upgrades and accessories, from magazines to red dots.

We’ve already written an extensive article going over the various models of the 10/22 as well as an article on the best scopes to mount on your Ruger.

This article will cover other great upgrades and accessories besides scopes.
Expand the table of contents below for quick links to each section. Let’s begin!

Best Ruger 10/22 Magazine

25 Round BX-25 magazine by Ruger for the 10/22

BX-25 Magazine by Ruger

When most people want a new magazine, it’s because they want more capacity. If that’s what you’re looking for, it’s tough to go wrong with the BX-25 magazine. This is a rugged polymer banana magazine with an impressive 25-round capacity.

The BX-25 has stainless steel feed lips, which can withstand the heat from rapid firing, and won’t get cracked or twisted over time. The internal springs are also made of high-quality steel, with a tough polymer base that can take a beating. All in all, you’re looking at an excellent magazine that will last for many years as long as it’s taken care of properly.

Thankfully, this magazine is also easy to clean. It only takes a few minutes to tear down, clean, lube, and reassemble. As long as you do this every once in awhile, you’ll almost never experience a mis-feed. You’ll also appreciate the curved design, which takes up less space than a comparably-sized straight magazine.

10 round magazine for the 10/22 by Ruger

10 Round Magazine by Ruger

A 25-round magazine is great, particularly if you do a lot of sport shooting. But many states have restrictions limiting rifles to a 10-round capacity. Then again, nobody ever said you couldn’t buy more magazines.

The best 10-round magazine for the Ruger 10/22 is the official 10/22 magazine. This mag is identical to the one that shipped with your gun, and has the same overall characteristics. They’re constructed from a hardened polymer material, which is both lightweight and exceptionally durable.

The most attractive feature of the 10/22 mag is its unique rotary design, which has a couple of benefits over a straight magazine. To begin with, it’s blocky instead of long, so it sits flush with the bottom of the stock. It’s also very reliable, since it’s been in service for several decades. Moreover, this is the magazine the 10/22 was designed to use, so you don’t have to worry about your rounds mis-feeding. 

Best Ruger 10/22 Stock

Ruger 10/22 Thumb hole stock upgrade

Tactical Solutions Thumbhole Stock

If you want to be able to nail a dime at 100 yards, the stock should be one of the first things you think about upgrading. The Tactical Solutions Thumbhole Stock is an excellent choice, since it gives you a more ergonomic grip. If pistol grips cause legal trouble in your state, a thumbhole is the next best thing.

Not only that, but this stock is beautifully crafted. It’s carved from a gorgeous laminated wood, with multiple color options available. The design is ambidextrous, so it won’t block the bolt if you have a left-handed 10/22. There’s also an ergonomic cheek pad, which provides excellent support for target shooters.

To be fair, the price tag is more than you’ll pay for most other stocks. But you’re getting exquisite craftsmanship and top-tier quality. You also get a free-floating design, with provides for better overall accuracy than a metal on wood design.

ProMag Archangel Nomad Stock for Ruger 10/22

ProMag Archangel Nomad Stock

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the ProMag Archangel Nomad Stock. This is a slick black tactical stock that makes your 10/22 look like an AR. It’s made mostly from carbon fiber-reinforced polymer, but the Picatinny rail is aluminum, as is the hand guard rail, which can be used for mounting an under-barrel flashlight or laser dot.

The built-in iron sights are easily adjustable, with options for both windage and elevation. The stock is collapsible, which allows for easy storage and transport. It also has a pair of built-in compartments, where you can store small accessories like batteries that go with your gun.

The only downside of the Archangel is that you can’t use it with any other magazines. You can only use the 25-round magazine that ships with the stock. This means you won’t be able to use this stock with the standard 10-round rotary mag. You also won’t be able to use it in states that ban high-capacity magazines.

Best Ruger 10/22 Receiver

Brownells 10/22 Receiver

Brownells BRN-22 Stripped Receiver

The Brownells BRN-22 Stripped Receiver for Ruger 1022 is a solid option if you’re looking for an upgrade. To begin with, this receiver is milled, not forged. This means that it’s drilled out of a larger piece of aluminum, rather than being hammered into shape. As a result, it’s more durable than a receiver that’s forged or stamped. It has a tough, matte black finish, which is similar to an AR finish.

The rear of the receiver has a small hole, which allows you to clean the barrel from either direction. You can also choose between two different variants. The first has the standard factory 10/22 profile, with a curved top that’s drilled and tapped for a scope mount. The second has a Picatinny rail top, which supports a wider range of accessories.

Elite22 Receiver for 22 Rifle

Tactical Innovations Elite22

If you’re looking for an affordable receiver that’s still an upgrade from the original, the Elite22 from Tactical Innovations is an excellent choice. It’s constructed from 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum, and comes in two variants. One is stripped, while the other comes with a match-grade bolt assembly. It’s up to you whether or not you want to keep the stock bolt, or pay a little extra for an upgraded assembly.

The top features a mil-spec Picatinny rail, so you can mount all your accessories. Meanwhile, the back provides access for a cleaning rod, so you can clean your barrel from either direction.

From a cosmetic perspective, you can choose from a number of colors. Along with the default matte black, you can also choose silver, gold, red, blue, or purple. If you order the bolt assembly, you’ll have your choice of black nitride, or a polished or matte stainless steel finish.

Keep in mind that a receiver is the part of the gun with a serial number. In legal terms, it’s the actual firearm. So unlike most parts and accessories, you can’t have one shipped to your house. You’ll need to have it shipped to a licensed FFL dealer, and pick it up from them.

Best Ruger 10/22 Barrels

ER Shaw Ruger 10/22 Barrel Upgrades

ER Shaw Target Barrels

The Ruger 10 22 is already well-known for its accuracy. But what if you want an even more accurate rifle? In that case, you’ll want to upgrade your barrel. The ER Shaw Target Barrel is an excellent choice. This barrel is made from polished blue carbon steel, which ensures minimal friction along with minimal wear. As an added benefit, the muzzle is threaded, so you can easily attach a muzzle brake, flash suppressor, or silencer.

Of course, no barrel is perfect. The downside of blue carbon steel is its weight. The fluted variant of the ER Shaw tips the scales at 2.85 pounds, while the non-fluted variant weighs 3.14 pounds. That’s not absurdly heavy, but it’s heavier than the factory barrel. You should also be aware that this barrel is a bit more finicky about ammo quality. You’ll need to use quality ammunition, so you’ll have to throw out all your CCI Stinger plinking rounds.

That said, we’re talking about a barrel that allows you to drive tacks well in excess of 100 yards. As an added bonus, it’s affordably-priced. You’re getting match-grade quality without breaking the bank. Unless the weight puts you off, the ER Shaw barrel is a clear winner.

F.J. Feddersen Barrel for 22 rifle

F.J. Feddersen Barrel

The F.J. Fedderson Barrel is another excellent alternative to the 10/22’s original barrel. At 16.25 inches, it’s shorter than the standard Ruger barrel, but be warned, it’s actually fatter despite the longer length. This means you’ll have to work at the barrel channel in order to get it properly seated.

That said, the fatter design is made specifically to add weight and durability and reduce recoil. This might sound like a bad thing, but it’s a great choice if you have one of the pre-2007 10/22s chambered in .22 Magnum. It’s also exceptionally durable, and doesn’t get hot when you’re plinking for hours on end.

As an added bonus, the F.J. Feddersen Barrel is more accurate than the factory barrel, which is great for match shooting. And the end of the barrel is threaded, so you can add whatever attachments you want.

Best Ruger 10/22 Suppressor

Banish 22 Silencer

Banish 22

A suppressor is a great way to protect your hearing when you’re at the range. It can also reduce recoil, although that’s not much of a concern to begin with on a .22. The Banish 22 is a great choice, since it’s manufactured specifically for .22-caliber rimfire firearms. That said, it’s also capable of handling smaller calibers, such as .17 HMR.

It attaches to any standard-threaded barrel, and has an adjustable length of seven to nine inches. The outer portion consists of a rugged, lightweight titanium tube, with a matte black finish. Inside, there’s a series of eight baffles, which create little chambers where gas can expand outwards. This reduces the velocity at which gas leaves the barrel, which results in a quieter shot, as well as less recoil.

This suppressor needs to be cleaned periodically, over and above the ordinary cleaning you perform on your 10/22. Over time, carbon will build up around the outside of the baffles, which can make them impossible to remove. To prevent this, you have to take them out and clean them, as well as the outer tube. It’s essential to do this no less than once every 200 rounds.

Thankfully, cleaning is easy, since you don’t need any specialized tools to take the suppressor apart. As a result, it doesn’t take as long to clean as other popular silencers.

Tactical Solutions SB-X Suppressor

Tactical Solutions SB-X Suppressor Barrel

The Tactical Solutions SB-X Suppressor Barrel is a great choice if you want to replace your barrel and attach a silencer at the same time. It’s a popular solution, since the Ruger 10/22 doesn’t come from the factory with a threaded barrel. Not only that, but it’s very lightweight. At only 1.1 pounds, it weighs even less than the factory barrel, which is great for accuracy and for carrying your rifle in the field.

Despite the fact that you’re adding a suppressor, the SB-X is actually shorter than the factory barrel. Instead of 18.5 inches, it has a length of only 16.5. This makes the rifle a little more manageable, although you won’t get quite the same velocity as you would from a longer barrel. Then again, velocity isn’t normally a big concern when you’re using a suppressor.

This barrel is easy to install, and fits perfectly in the Ruger’s stock. It’s worth noting that it’s available in two variants: the standard and the takedown. Just make sure you order the correct version for your type of 10/22.

Best Ruger 10/22 Trigger

Ruger BX 10/22 Trigger

Ruger BX-Trigger

One common complaint about the Ruger 10/22’s stock trigger is that it’s a bit heavy. This is actually a good thing for beginners, which is one thing that makes it so popular. But if you’re a more experienced shooter, you’ll probably prefer something that’s a bit lighter and crisper.

The Ruger BX-Trigger has a pull weight of only 2.75 pounds, which is less than half of the 10/22’s default 6 pound pull weight. It’s not adjustable, but it’s incredibly light, which allows for improved accuracy. In addition, it has a noticeably cleaner break than the factory trigger, which is well worth the investment.

Because it’s manufactured by Ruger, this trigger is very easy to install. In fact, you should already be moving your trigger assembly when you clean your 10/22. It’s as easy as knocking out a couple of pins and swapping out the two assemblies. You don’t exactly have to be a gunsmith to make the switch.

Volquartsen TG2000 Trigger

Volquartsen TG2000 Trigger Group

If you want the lightest trigger possible, check out the Volquartsen TG2000 Trigger Group. This trigger has an insanely low pull weight of only 2.25 pounds. It also offers a couple of options the Ruger trigger doesn’t, such as an adjustable creep and overtravel.

Another great feature of the TG2000 is that it’s manufactured from CNC-machined aluminum, rather than plastic. This makes it a lot more durable than the basic Ruger trigger. And like the Ruger trigger, it’s purpose-built for the 10/22, which allows for easy drop-in installation.

To be fair, this trigger costs almost as much as the 10/22 itself. But if you want a top quality trigger, you need look no further. As an added bonus, you can even order it in multiple colors, to dress up your gun.

Best Ruger 10 22 Sling

Black padded sling for Ruger 10/22 rifle

Viking Tactics VTAC Sling

If you plan on taking your rifle into the field, chances are good that you’ll want to use a sling. A sling frees up your hands for other things, and can also be used to handle your gun more easily. At the same time, many people find that a sling can be restricting in the field. The Viking Tactics Sling is the solution to that problem.

This sling is designed with a metal latch that can be used to instantly free up slack. If you have to drop from a standing to a prone position, all you have to do is flip the latch, and you’ll be able to extend your rifle out in front of you. The material is a durable nylon weave, and it’s reasonably comfortable on its own. But if you want a padded version, there’s one available for a few extra bucks.

Allen Company Aspen Nubuck Rifle Sling

Allen Company Aspen Nubuck

The Allen Company Aspen Nubuck is a purpose-built strap that’s made for hunting. The bulk of the strap is made from a wide nylon leather weave belt, with a metal slide for adjusting the length. You can easily move the slide in a hurry, so changing the length can be done in a single fluid movement. The swivels on the end are weighted for 300 pounds, so you don’t have to worry about them giving way under stress.

There’s a padded panel that can be adjusted up and down the strap, and positioned over your shoulder. It’s soft on the inside, with a textured surface that keeps it from sliding and creating noise. The outside is a fine leather, with a deer head logo in the middle and heavy-duty stitching.

Best 10/22 Red Dot

TruGlo Tru-Tec Micro Red Dot Sight

TruGlo Tru-Tec Micro Red Dot Sight

A red dot sight is designed for quick target acquisition. It doesn’t magnify your target, but instead it creates a parallax-free view of where your bullet will land. In other words, you’re not getting extreme accuracy, but you’re getting on target much faster than you can with a scope.

The TruGlo Tru-Tec is an affordable red dot sight that ships with a little Picattiny rail, with the necessary hardware to mount it on a stock Ruger 10/22. The housing is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, and at just under an ounce, it’s exceptionally lightweight.

The 3 MOA red dot isn’t the most accurate, but it’s reasonably small, and more importantly, it’s very bright. With 10 different brightness settings, you can also dim the dot for lower-light shooting. And the CR2032 battery will last for a long time, thanks to a four hour auto-shutoff feature that keeps you from leaving the power on by mistake.

Holosun HE509T Red Dot Reflex Sight

Holosun HE509T-RD X2

The Holosun HE509T-RD X2 is a durable red dot sight that’s made from high-quality titanium. The lens is recessed, which provides protection from dirt and dust. It also provides some shade, which keeps glare to a minimum. This is a very durable sight, with a weight of just 1.72 ounces, although you’ll need to install a Picatinny rail in order to mount it on a 10/22.

The main feature of this sight is the little solar panel on the top. The CR1632 battery is rated for 50,000 hours of use at the medium brightness level, depending on the level of sun exposure. Not only that, but there’s a “shake and wake” feature, where the HE509T will automatically turn on when it detects motion.

There are 12 total brightness settings. In addition to the 10 standard settings, there are two ultra-low settings that are compatible with night vision equipment.

Best 10/22 Bolt Release

TandemKross Bolt Release Plate

Tandemkross Guardian Bolt Release

One of the most common complaints about the Ruger 10/22 is the bolt release. While most aspects of the gun’s design are top notch, the bolt release could most charitably be described as “awkward.” Not only is it an awkward rocker switch, but if your dominant hand is holding the switch, you have to reach over the gun with your other hand to move the bolt.

The TANDEMKROSS Guardian Bolt Release is designed to alleviate that problem. It’s a simple metal switch that’s easy to install. You just take out the factory switch and install the aftermarket switch. It’s easy to hold down, so you can quickly release the bolt every time.

Best 10/22 Extended Mag Release

Nordic Components Speed Mag Release

Nordic Components Speed Mag Release

An extended mag release is to the magazine release lever as a bolt release is to the factory bolt release. If you want the best of the best, check out the Nordic Components 10/22 Speed Magazine Release.

This is a molded plastic lever that’s made from a similar material to the original lever. However, it’s significantly longer, extending down around the front of the trigger guard. As soon as you fire your last shot, you can instantly drop the mag out with your trigger finger.


As you can see, there are plenty of ways to upgrade your Ruger 10/22. Whether you want to change the trigger weight, add a red dot sight or just alter the appearance, you can make all kinds of customizations. By the time you’re done, your Ruger 10/22 can be truly unique!

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