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Tennessee Home Invaders Receive Instant Karma

It should have been a textbook home invasion for criminals Kevin Ford and Clifford Wright. Everything had been planned out. The taser to neutralize the family dog, a handgun to hold the family at bay while the other ransacked the house for valuables.

The pair parked outside, donned their gloves and masks, and hit the front door fast to surprise and overwhelm their victims. The dog went down to the taser almost as soon as it reacted. The homeowner’s son, relaxing on the sofa, had no chance to react as the weapon was drawn on him.

Enter the good guy with a gun

The plan seemed to be going according well, but that’s when instant karma set in for the invaders. Before they could continue, the homeowner stepped from the hall with his own gun leveled on the criminals.

52 year old career criminal Kevin Ford died where he stood, falling onto the ground near the front door. His 42 year old accomplice Clifford Wright was also hit but managed to flee. The police soon arrived. Luckily, Wright made for an easy find for the cops and the manhunt quickly ended at a nearby Salvation Army, where he was cornered, subdued, and taken to hospital. Once his wounds were addressed, he was booked into the local jail.

Truth and Consequences

Wright now faces charges including home invasion, felon in possession, felon in possession during a violent crime, aggravated burglary, attempted aggravated robbery, and more. Although he is lucky to be alive, he’ll have lots of time to reflect on his brush with the Second Amendment and his own mortality while he is sitting in a Tennessee prison. In the meantime, he’s being held on $700,000 bond pending his initial court appearance.

This is how it is supposed to work

As for the family that the pair tried to victimize, police report that there were three people in the home at the time of the attempted invasion, but only the homeowner and his son were directly involved. Police indicate that although the investigation is ongoing, no charges are expected to be filed against the homeowner who was clearly well within his rights to defend his home and family against these violent thugs.

This story is ongoing and continues to develop. American Gun Facts will continue to follow it for any additional information. At AGF, we monitor justified defensive gun incidents around the nation to help highlight the invaluable role of the Second Amendment and responsible citizens to ensure security and liberty for all Americans.

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