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Is the Glock 19x Discontinued? [Answered]

Rumors of the Glock 19x being discontinued started on Reddit and a few other more gun-focused forums around May of 2020. Typically, the rumor followed some pattern of someone having overheard at the gun counter of a local store that the Glock 19x would no longer be produced due to some vague issues that no one could really identify. This rumor was “confirmed” by people not being able to find them at their own local gun stores.

Forum post rumor about the glock 19x possibly being discontinued and not available in stores anymore

As usual with bad information on the internet, this topic was then taken up by a few YouTubers who made 20 or so minute-long rants about Glock, gun laws, and a lot of other ill-considered information that they got from the forums themselves.

Forum post rumor about the glock 19x possibly being discontinued and not available in stores anymore

This is a good lesson about online misinformation: a few sources that were suspect to begin with got picked up and amplified. From there, the rumor has gotten pretty persistent and has been “confirmed” with poor, anecdotal evidence. What surprises me about this one is just how easy it is to disconfirm the rumor.

Forum post rumor about the glock 19x possibly being discontinued and not available in stores anymore

For instance, simply searching for the “Glock 19x” yields results from Glock’s own website linking you to dealers who you can find in your local area, or call to get the correct information. Especially about firearms stuff, but with everything in life, always be suspect of information when it’s coming from sources that are suspect, and don’t be scared to fact-check things for yourself.

Is the Glock 19x Actually Being Discontinued?

No, the Glock 19x is not being discontinued. The rumors are incorrect, and you can still purchase a brand new Glock 19x today in stores.

I think the rumor had two main components that led people to think it was being discontinued:

  1. Glock did cease US production of the 19x, at least temporarily. But, they shifted that production to Austria. For most people, this is preferred anyway, as Glock is an Austrian company.
  2. The rumor started in early summer 2020: this was the peak of panic gun buying in the USA as both COVID and some political unrest were afoot. Thus, it made it a little harder to buy any firearm, and the Glock 19x was no exception to that.

Despite it being a little hard to find if you simply walk into a local gun store at the moment, the Glock 19x is not being discontinued. With a little bit of research, it is not difficult to order a new one or find a used one either in person or online. The rumors were based on some measure of half-truth about production.

At the moment, Glock is making the 19x in Austria, and will be more than happy to sell you one in the US: you’ll have to do some research, but that’s true of most things in 2021. Again, always fact-check information that you find in anonymous forums on the internet. 

Where Can You Buy the Glock 19x?

As far as finding them new online, I checked with some of the bigger names, such as Brownells and Palmetto State Armory, both of which had them in stock and available for sale. From there, all you’d have to do is find a local FFL for shipping purposes, and you should be good to go.

You can also find dealers on Glock’s own website. Enter your zip code here and it will display several dealers within driving distance of your house. That’s what I would recommend if you want some chance at going in person and getting your hands on a Glock 19x in person, today (depending on local laws and waiting periods, of course).

A quick GunBroker search also yielded good results, with reasonably priced used models up for sale all around the country. Despite gun prices being a little bit insane over the last year, the fact that this is a niche model makes it more than possible to snag one of these used online.

Because it’s not the most popular model in the world, you might have a little issue walking into a random gun store and getting a Glock 19x. But, with just a little homework and a few phone calls ahead of time, you will likely not have an issue finding one on your own.

The rumors about the Glock 19x being discontinued are simply not true, and you can absolutely still buy on as of November 2021.

What Makes the Glock 19x A Good Purchase?

After all of this thinking about the rumors surrounding the Glock 19x, we should probably also address why you might want to try to track one down.

The Glock 19x is interesting: it has the full-size slide and magazine capacity from a Glock 17 and the shorter slide from a Glock 19. This will cost you some accuracy over the Glock 17, but the return is that it is substantially shorter and thus more concealable.

Glock has aimed their 19x model at the concealed carry market and for that, we really like it. The shorter barrel makes it easier to conceal inside the waistband and overall makes the whole package weigh a little less than the Glock 17.

The Glock 19 is a common choice for people who want concealed carry, but the relatively small magazine capacity and short grip make it hard to shoot well. The 19x, on the other hand, feels very much like a Glock 17 in hand, making it a good choice for people who shoot a Glock 17 well but want something more concealable.

Also, the Glock 19x takes the same, widely available magazines as the Glock 17, which is always a bonus.

Glock 19x Specs

Glock 19x Measurements
Caliber9mm (9×19)
CapacityStandard: 17 Rounds (Optional: 19 / 24 / 31 / 33)
Weight (Empty Mag)24.83 oz
Weight (Full Mag)31.39 oz


Contrary to internet rumors, the Glock 19x is still being made, albeit in Austria instead of the United States. Furthermore, it’s possible to pick one up today from many retailers, and we’d certainly consider it if we were in the market for a 9mm concealed carry pistol.

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