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WINCENT Biometric Gun Safe π2-BK | Review

Finding a gun safe for pistols that is reliable can be a challenge these days with so many products on the market. However, you might be in luck if you’re reading this. We’re going to take a closer look at the WINCENT Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols model π2-BK which you might have seen for sale on Amazon or around the web.

This is a safe that we have tested out in person and are happy to share our experience with it. Gun safes with biometric features may be something new to you. Its kind of fun to have a scanner that that matches only your own fingerprints so no one else but you can access it.

You may also like this gun safe for some of the features I will go over. If you are in search of a gun safe for your pistol, keep reading for more information. 

Full disclosure: Wincent reached out and sent this safe to us for a review. But like with every review, we try to be objective and show you the best and worst sides of each product.


Wincent Safes Logo

WINCENT sells a variety of gun safes and gun accessories on their website. Most of them are very compact and portable for people who need something small to fit in their nightstand, car, etc. They do have some full size safes as well for putting in your closet to hold rifles and other larger items. Their products tend to be on the cheaper side, so you if you’re looking for an affordable option, Wincent might be a good place to look.

WINCENT lists an address in Denver, Colorado on their website. When I was in contact with someone, there was an email from someone that appeared to be based in China. The domain to their website was also registered through Alibaba Cloud Computing, which is based in Beijing. So, they are likely a Chinese company with a possible operation set up in the United States.

Most things are made in China these days, but we just thought we’d give a heads up if you’re looking for a purely American company. Either way, they’re in the business of creating gun safes including this one that we will be reviewing.

Features of the safe

Wincent Biometric Gun Safe π2-BK

This article will be based on my own experience. So let’s break down every single feature including my thoughts on them:

Three ways to open it

You can open this using a key, a code, and by your fingerprint. After all, it is a biometric gun safe, so your fingerprint may be the safest option. I rely on that method and at rare times will use a code or a key.

There’s enough room inside for 2 pistols (depending on size) plus small accessories like keys or valuables.

Powered by USB-C or battery

These will require AAA batteries in order for the automated functions to work (like the code and biometrics). Or you can charge it with a USB-C cord. Either way, choose a power source that works best for you.

Security alarm

This will go off if the fingerprint input is wrong or if the wrong code is entered up to 5 times. It’s a good feature to have knowing someone unauthorized may be trying to gain access.

Easy setup

You can register up to 50 fingerprints so you know who can gain access to the safe and who can’t. It can open immediately once the authorized fingerprint is scanned.

Wincent Gun Safe Finger Print Scanner

Interior LED Light

It’s not super bright. Yet, that’s probably what you’ll want when opening it at night to see your pistol. That way you don’t get light blinded before investigating a threat.

Cable tie-downs and screws

If you need to attach this gun safe, it will come with screws and tie-downs that will keep it secure. There’s no denying that you’ll be able to secure this properly if you need to. Otherwise, you can put it someplace safe like any other bedside gun safe.

Wincent Gun Safe included accessories
Included accessories


Now that I have covered some of the best features of this safe, I want to go over the pros and cons of it. This is what you may expect if you manage to get your hands on this bedside pistol safe:


  • Plenty of access options: You can open this with whatever you are comfortable with. If you are able to access it with your fingerprint, go for it. If a key or code is better for you, go for it. Either way, I’m happy with the amount of options I’ve got.
  • Pretty Solid build: This safe is pretty solid and tough. Durability is certainly something you’ll want to consider for a gun safe. Its inset sides help prevent from a pry bar attack on the main storage area.
  • Opens immediately: In a home defense situation, seconds count. If this safe opens immediately you’ll be able to access your gun with ease.
Wincent Gun Safe open with pistol inside
Shown with a Glock 43x (compact)


  • Vulnerability flaw: There are some design flaws that exist. If you were to pry off the keypad area (separate from the storage area), you would find a circuit that has a component that can release the door. Once exposed, you can finagle it and it will open. So, if you’re looking for a safe that will never allow anyone to ever access your firearm, I’d look for a more secure option. But this safe could be good for keeping your gun away from children and other less sophisticated attackers.
  • Here’s a video that demonstrates that.

Where to use it

You can use this in your home or your vehicle. It can be the perfect nightstand gun safe. Or if you want to keep it somewhere discreet, you can use this as a car gun safe as well. Ultimately, you can have it easily accessible in a hidden part of your closet or nightstand.

If you don’t have young children, you can get away with placing the safe beneath your bed. So it can make sense as a good under bed gun safe if there are no risk factors such as a child trying to access it.

You can also put it in a dresser drawer as well. What makes this an issue is that you may put it in a locked compartment. Again, you may be faced with a home invasion situation where time won’t be on your side.

Wincent Gun Safe
With Glock 43x (Compact)

The security measures for this gun safe may just be enough. Even with the biometric lock feature, if the gun safe properly reads your fingerprint, that will save you plenty of time. It’s a pretty decent safe for any one that wants good security features, easy access, and a pretty solid overall build.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a gun safe that is fairly decent, the WINCENT Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols V2.0 may be your best option. For the most part, it’s reliable. However, I’d want nothing more than to have them address the design flaw that was found in the video I’ve linked earlier.

Security should be of greater importance for gun safes. For the most part, the WINCENT Biometric Gun Safe may be perfect for the right reasons. You can just open it up with your fingerprint and be able to access your pistol of choice. 

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