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Rock Island 10mm Problems [How to Fix]

For years, the Rock Island 10mm handgun has been a topic of contention among firearms devotees. With its infamous notoriety for being unreliable and having countless issues, this article will unpack each problem and provide you with methods to solve them accordingly. 

We’ll explain what you need to know about the Rock Island 10mm so that when it’s time to fix any problems or troubleshoot, you’ll be prepared—all without an ounce of guesswork!

All firearms have their own quirks and common issues, so this isn’t necessarily an indictment on the gun itself, but we like to provide owners and potential buyers with as much information as possible.

1. Weight

While the Rock Island 10mm contains a heavier slide, it is not excessively weighted. Many shooters find that the additional weight gives them a more enjoyable shooting experience and may even reduce recoil when firing larger calibers. 

However, there are some users who argue that this extra heft can create an imbalance that leads to accuracy complications. Everyone has different preferences for their firearms, so it’s up to you to decide whether or not the added weight of the Rock Island 10mm fits your individual needs.

How to Fix It

While there’s not a whole lot you can do to reduce the weight of your Rock Island 10mm, you can look into other options, such as using a lighter-weight round. This can help reduce the total weight of your gun, making it easier to handle and shoot. 

Also, look into other accessories that can help make shooting more comfortable, such as a grip sleeve or an adjustable back strap.

2. Slide Not Locking

The Rock Island 10mm has been known to have slide issues, with many users reporting that the slide does not lock back when it should. This can be a real problem for those using the gun for self-defense, as this could lead to an accidental discharge or failure to chamber a round. 

The culprit seems to most commonly be loose gas block screws, which can cause the slide to open prematurely, thus failing to lock back when it should. 

Another reported issue has to do with the bolt stop. This component is supposed to engage the back of the mag follower so that the bolt doesn’t slide forward. But when it jams or fails to engage properly, the slide will not lock back. 

How to Fix It

To fix this problem, make sure your gas block screws are securely tightened. This will guarantee that the gun works correctly and avoid malfunctions such as early slide unlocking. If you still have issues, contemplate replacing the gas block or purchasing a stronger spring system for extra protection.

If the bolt stop isn’t functioning correctly, take a look at this component to ensure it is adequately lubricated. Doing so should help reduce binding and make sure the bolt stop engages properly. If there’s still an issue, consider replacing the part entirely.

Rock Island 10mm Handguns

3. Irregular Lockup

Unfortunately, many users have noted that the Rock Island 10mm has an inconsistent lockup which can lead to misfires and other accuracy issues. This is due to its extractor, a part responsible for holding in place rounds as they are loaded into the chamber.

When worn out, it may not be able to securely keep them locked up anymore. Don’t let this issue impede your shooting experience—make sure you replace any malfunctioning parts quickly!

The recoil spring could be another source of the issue. If the spring is underpowered, it can cause the barrel to move before locking into place accurately. Conversely, a hefty recoil spring can lead to increased wear on your gun and an earlier breakdown than projected.

How to Fix It

If the extractor is causing issues, you’ll need to replace it with a current model in order to have rounds locking securely and prevent any irregular lockup. Additionally, if recoil springs are too weak, you must also replace them. Be sure to choose ones made especially for Rock Island 10mm firearms so that your gun works properly and resists wear. 

Furthermore, remember to always lubricate your weapon adequately, as this will lessen rubbing between components while keeping everything running smoothly.

4. Jamming

If you find that your Rock Island 10mm is jamming regularly, there are a few potential causes. One of the most common issues is related to the gun’s cheap construction. Since some of the parts are made from lower-quality materials, they can easily cause snags or become worn and result in jams. 

Another potential culprit is the ammunition. If you’re using less-than-stellar ammo, this can lead to increased wear on the gun and cause jams. 

How to Fix It

For issues related to the gun’s construction, it’s best to get in touch with Armscor, the manufacturer of the Rock Island 10mm. They may be able to replace the parts, although you may still experience the same issue down the road.

If you want to avoid jamming altogether, it might be best to consider a different gun. There are plenty of other handguns out there that use better-quality parts and won’t jam as easily. 

As for the ammo issue, you’ll want to make sure that you’re using only high-quality ammo. This will help reduce wear on the gun and eliminate any jamming issues. 

5. Ejection Malfunction

Once again, lower-quality components in the gun’s construction—namely, the ejection port—can lead to empty shells getting stuck in it. Once the mag is empty, the Rock Island’s slide won’t properly close, leading to a malfunction.

When this happens, the gun is rendered useless until you manage to dislodge the cartridge. You can always try replacing the ejection port, but that’ll cost you some money and quite a bit of time. Instead, try the fix below.

How to Fix It

The best way to fix an ejection port issue is by investing in higher-quality magazines. Magazines with stronger springs can help ensure that the ejection port is fully sealed and free of any empty shells. 

You may also want to consider replacing the ejector. Over time, this part can become worn and cause shells to get stuck in the port. A new ejector should help ensure that your gun is functioning properly.

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