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Holosun 407k Red Dot [REVIEW]

 The number of firearm applications are increasing, meaning an increase in the number of people that are now looking to carry or own a firearm.  As someone who trains people in basic firearms safety fundamentals, once they know the basics, I always recommend a pistol red dot. While some people are still uncomfortable with the changing times and the common additions of red dots, it’s important to understand that the technology has come a long way.

Finding the perfect pistol red dot to recommend to each individual can be quite tricky to select with options ranging from $50 to $800.  It’s important to know which way to lean towards for quality and price point. If you follow popular media trends on Instagram or YouTube you could fall into the common mistake of spending more than you need.

In this article I’ll shed some on red dot features, common options found on the market. As you will see, there is one option that I consistently turn to for its quality and price point.

Holosun 407k Red Dot left side view with buttons

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Closed Emitters

Closed emitter red dots are the new wave sweeping across the community, especially for those carrying every day. Closed emitter means that the glass is etched and the laser is enclosed so the elements cannot block or impair the red dot itself.  A common problem when carrying is that lint and other debris accumulate in the optic window. This can impair the dot acquisition. A closed emitter will still show an uninterrupted dot even with the window full of debris. This is essential when your accuracy is critical, even life-saving.

Holosun 407k Red Dot carrying concealed on belt

How to Choose MOA

Holosun 407k Red Dot Reticle

Choosing a dot MOA can be tricky, however I’ve done most of the research for you to help you decide which is perfect for your use. Options include, 1MOA all the way to 9MOA as well as three different colors: red, green, and amber. Larger dots (greater MOA) assist in faster target acquisition, while smaller dots such as the 1MOA are more refined and takes longer to acquire.

6 MOA Red Dot 407k Holosun

With practice a 1MOA can be faster in the long run. However in the heat of the moment and ease of use I recommend Holosuns 6MOA. The larger 6MOA dot is the perfect carry dot size because most engagements typically happen within 10-15ft.  The larger dot helps with faster on target time within that distance. However, if the target is over 50ft, the larger dot may cover the whole target making accuracy suffer. Longer engagements require a smaller MOA dot size for a more refined target picture and accuracy.  


Holosun 407k Red Dot mounted on a pistol

Most of the slide cuts from the factory come cut for an RMR, however the Holosun 407K will not fit that of an RMR. The Holosun 407k fits the shield RMR size which makes it perfect for ideal carry. The Holosun makes a 507C which fits that of the RMR optic cut, but that is slightly bulkier than the 407k.  Optic cuts are becoming offered at almost every gunsmith in the country so compatibility isn’t an issue. 


Holosun has been making firearm optics for some time now, but the most recent product line for the company seems to have hit the bullseye!  In my opinion the Holosun 407k is the best pistol red dot for the price to quality ratio.  Coming in right around $260 the Holosun 407k offers the best performance without breaking the bank. 

Holosun 407k Red Dot

I currently believe that the Holosun 407k is currently the best optic on the market for a number of reasons. First off, supply chain issues have hindered the release of the Holosun EPS and EPS carry which will be smart options with great features and use of technology in closed emitter form. Secondly, after testing other options such as Trijicons RMR and Aimpoint ACRO P2, the Holosun 407k still hits the bullseye.

The Holosun 407k is offered in a red or green dot already giving you more options than other companies. The 407k is offered only in a 6MOA unlike the 507k which is a 60MOA larger ring around a 2MOA dot. I have found the 6MOA is the easiest pistol red dot to use as it speeds up target acquisition.

Holosun 407k Red Dot next to competitor similar red dot sights

The 407k uses a CR1632 battery which gives you 50,000 hours of setting 6. It doesn’t lack in the brightness settings either as it offers 10 day time brightness settings and 2 night vision settings.

The best feature to this red dot in my opinion is the shake wake technology, meaning if the pistol stays idle the red dot will shut off to save battery. But as soon as it detects motion it turns right back on to the setting you had already established.

Holosun 407k Red Dot concealed carry appendix style

It features unlimited eye relief, is parallax free and has a waterproof rating of IP67. This provides about thirty minutes submerged up to one meter deep. Similar to most optics on the market for pistols, the Holosun has a housing made out of 7075 aluminum. 


Holosun 407k vs Trijicon RMR

In addition to their solid features, it’s helpful to weigh the qualities of the Holosun 407k with its competitors. Trijicon makes an RMR which is the most popular option and comes in a variable different sized MOA dots. It also has a very durable frame made from the same 7075 aluminum the Holosun uses. The RMR has been trusted for over 10 years and that’s saying something. However, the starting price on the RMR is $399.

Holosun 407k Red dot vs Trijicon RMR

Aimpoint also came into the game with the ACRO P1 and P2 which is a closed emitting red dot, but comes in with a more than double price point. These two most popular options compete with Holosun. However, they are at least twice as expensive. Therefore, for most people, the Holosun 407k is the best bang for your buck.  It’s sleek, strong, and simplistic for the best value coming in around $260.


In closing the Holosun 407k is the best all around red dot you can rely on. This is true whether you are an everyday conceal carrier or just using it at the range. It’s many qualities, including the durability and clarity of sight pictures are unbeatable. Holosun offers you high end quality at a fraction of the price so you can aim with confidence.

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