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Beretta APX Problems

If you are looking to potentially buy a Beretta APX, it’s always a good idea to be aware of the potential problems it might have so you can make an informed purchase. This guide will help you know to decide whether the Beretta APX is right for you. 

For most people, the Beretta APX is a reliable semi-automatic pistol. It was even originally designed for law enforcement and military purposes. It comes in two different versions but they tend to have the same issues. 

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Despite being pretty reliable in most areas, you should still be aware of the potential problems. This will help you know if the problems you experience are common or if you were possibly sold a defective gun. 

Here are some of the most common problems reported by users to look out for: 

1. Extractor Problems

Extractor problems are common with any kind of striker-fired handgun. Even when there are extractor problems though, you are still well protected because of the design of the gun. If there is an issue with the extractor, the magazine will often projectile eject. 

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In some cases though, the magazine will stay inside the pistol along with the remaining rounds, the spring, and the base plate. The extractor will then blow off the pistol. In some cases, the bullet can become squirted out of the muzzle and go downrange. 

Despite the extractor having issues, the slide, barrel, and frame usually stay undamaged. The main reason why the extractor can blow so easily is because of overpressure. When the magazine is also blown out, you can be sure that the gun experienced way too much pressure and as a result, the extractor came out. 

This can happen when the APX is new or after you have used it for a while, so just make sure to always keep a close eye on it. 

2. Accuracy Issues

While most people find that the Beretta APX is reliable, there are some shooters that experience issues when it comes to accuracy. One of the most common reported accuracy issues is that there is abnormally large group size. 

With no decent grouping, it can be hard to get the accuracy you need while shooting. This can be a big issue for some shooters, especially if they are trying to win a competition. 

The only real way to fix this issue is to spend more money and buy accessories for the gun. Many people choose to buy a tactical laser or light to help with more accurate shooting. 

3. Spare Part Issues

As with any gun, the Beretta APX will need maintenance and repair work on it periodically. With the Beretta APX though, this can be much more complicated than with other guns. Repair parts and spare parts for this model are extremely hard to find. 

This is partly because of the current marketplace and what parts are common and which ones are not. In the future, this might change. As of now though, you will need to search hard for spare parts. 

This is a bigger deal if you shoot often. The more often you use the gun, the more often it will need repair work. Since they are also not made as much as other parts, you will find yourself spending quite a bit of money to buy the parts once you do find them. 

Some accessories are also hard to find such as holsters for the gun. If you have a concealed carry permit and want to have a gun with a holster, you might have a hard time finding one for the APX. This is only a minor issue but it can change your mind on whether you want to buy it or not. Hunting for spare parts constantly can be annoying and time-consuming. 

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Our Analysis

As mentioned in this article, the main issue comes with the extractor. If you search forums for the Beretta APX, you can see that this is the main complaint people have. If you contact Beretta, they are often quick to send you a new gun and free returns for the other one. 

However, you might experience the same problem with the new one as you did with the old one. Just keep in mind this is a commonly reported issue and you might get stuck with a gun that has a poor extractor. 

One of the other main problems is with accuracy. Of course, with any gun, you want to make sure that you can shoot accurately and be reliable. If you are buying a new gun solely for competition, you might want to think twice about buying this one. 

No matter what you use the gun for though, make sure you buy a laser or light to help you more accurately be able to shoot targets. This will ensure you have fewer issues with the gun and you can become a better shooter. 

Along with these minor issues comes the problem of not being able to find spare parts and holsters. When it comes time for you to do maintenance, you might spend more time than you should be always looking for extra parts. 

This comes with a high price as well since the spare parts are rare. 

Wrapping It Up

Now that you know of the most common problems with the Beretta APX, you can make an informed decision on whether it’s the right gun for you or not. Most of the issues that people talk about with the gun are pretty minor. You probably won’t find them as very much of an inconvenience. 

At the very least, the APX can be a good starter semi-automatic pistol if you are new to guns and aren’t sure which ones are best or which ones you prefer. It’s also a good gun for training as a new shooter. 

For competition shooting, you might find that the APX is not reliable enough. Before getting a new handgun though, try to add on a laser and see if this helps your shooting accuracy. 

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